Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my refund?

Once your refund has been accepted by e-file, you should receive your refund in 8 to 15 days. Direct deposit to your checking or savings account is the fastest way to get your refund. If you mail in your return, you should expect to receive a check in the mail in 8-12 weeks. State refunds vary by State ask your tax professional.

Can I pay for my tax preparation fees out of my refund?

Yes, if you have a refund amount large enough to cover all the fees. We work with a bank which offers this service for a small fee. They will set up an account on your behalf in which to receive your Federal refund. They will deduct their fees, issue a direct deposit to Family Tax office for your prep fees, and direct deposit the balance to your bank account. Please allow a few extra banking days for the transfers to reach your account.

If I don’t have enough refund or owe the Federal a balance, can you take the fees out of my State refund?

Sorry, not at his time. Check with your tax professional for banking updates.

If I know I’m going to owe taxes should I wait and file on the last day?

No. Filing your taxes anytime between January 2nd and April 15th is fine. Your taxes owed are not due until April 15th. It may be better to file as early as possible, as you will know exactly how much tax you owe and can financially budget to pay on time by April 15th. Some tax payers may not be financially prepared to pay as soon as April 15th if they file in April.

Can I file an extension to get more time to pay?

No. Filing after April 15th with an extension only extends the filing deadline, NOT the due date – unless you pay 90% of your balance owed at the time you file the extension. Reasons for filing an extension usually benefit small businesses. It allows them more time to pay into investments or employee retirement plans, that they can deduct.